Comic Darlene Westgor comes across as a forty-something suburb dwelling single mom who has lived a little and is a little angry about the experience so far. It makes for a very funny and entertaining stand-up comedy album and makes her a comic you can easily relate to.

Boxed Wine opens with a strong bit that sets up both Westgor’s persona, the suburb she lives in, and how her neighbors perceive her as a threat. Suburban life also means garage, exercise equipment, and selling stuff with an ad in the paper which is one of the many very original moments on this CD.

Suburban mom also means being soccer mom, driving other kids around, and a bit about those who are overprotected.

Both the Ikea and Wal Mart routines sound like Darlene Wesgor’s early material. The Ikea bit is generic but the part about trying on a swimsuit at Wal Mart is another of the highlights.

Boxed Wine closes with material about her two post-teen live at home sons. The comic cleverly sets up a men vs women bit by talking about how her elder son’s girlfriend still hopes she can change him.

The closer on the amount of homework teacher’s give is good but is out of sequence with the rest of the material.

Boxed Wine
Darlene Westgor
Stand-up Comedy CD
Stand Up! Records 2016

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