Family Highs is a solid stand-up comedy download album.

If you are familiar with gay comics, you will recognize some of the tropes of this stand-up comedy genre. They include getting married means gays have as little sex as straight people. Fortunately, Michael goes beyond these usual topics and has some very funny and memorable bits. This raises this comedy album way above the gay comic etiquette.

There is a great story about taking a hot yoga class and the women fart orchestra. The rescue dog story is also a lot of fun. Michael’s routine on how fetishes are acquired will make quite a few parents think about how they are raising their kids and make different choices.

Of course, there is a coming out story. The good thing is it went well for Darcy Michael, the negative part is it does not make for much of a story aside from the dragon.

Darcy Michael is a biographical comic and the material works both because he is an interesting guy and he has some fun stories to tell. One such is Jer Stoned about his husband’s first time experience.

The closer, about Darcy Michael‘s experience as a gay comic and  homophobia is a letdown and does not end the listening experience on a high.

The cover for this comedy download album is really cool.

Family Highs
Darcy Michael
Comedy download album MP3
Independent Release 2016

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