Comic David Huntsberger has one of if not the best routines I have heard in the last ten years. From the middle of Humanatis track 8, Planet You, to the end of this stand-up comedy CD some 22 minutes later Huntsberger delivers a brilliant existential piece on the planet and the meaning of life you simply have to hear. That alone is worth the price of this CD and explains the (ugly ass) cover. The rest of Humanitis is also excellent but it is those 22 minutes that will stay with you for a very long time and not only because you will play them over and over again.

On our 2011Top Ten Comedy CD MP3 list

I am not quite sure why but there is something oddly sixties about how Huntsberger delivers his material. This even if he is not perfectly clean.

Humanitis begins generically with a bit about drinking and driving meant to bring the audience on board. Books and Covers, a bit about appearance and the saying you can t judge a book … hints at what the stand-up is working towards. What s That Smell is a superb bit on metrosexuals that covers 6 thousand years of hygiene history.

Another smart, funny, and interesting bit on this comedy CD is the section that begins with Anything For Money (track 4)  to the end of That s Noble (track 6). A somewhat lesser routine is the one on Hate where David Huntsberger takes on hating gays; it is nothing you have not heard before.

Then you get to the last 22 minutes and are simply blown away.

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David Huntsberger
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