Shady Side
Darren Carter
Independent Release

Hip hop and gansta rap comedy? Sounds cool. Hip hop and gansta rap influenced comedy by a guy so white he is a redhead? Sounds very weird. Shady Side, the independent release comedy CD by Darren Carter is both.

Darren Carter is a funny guy. He does have a talent for hip hop and gangsta rap and does turn the genres on their heads. At first this is funny but after a while you sort of got the point and you got the joke. This is something a good producer could have mentioned and fixed while also taking care of the fluctuating sound level (a personal hobby horse, granted) on this otherwise good comedy CD.

Carter likes to take Black culture stereotypes and mess around with them. His white folk rap is funny and his bit on a redheaded ganstas is definitely original, humorous, if a bit too long. He uses the same recipe for another funny piece, Red Headed Man Down, about the fight for social justice and acceptance of the many redheads in society. Just the idea of a million redheaded man march is funny.

Some of the material on this independent comedy CD is or sounds autobiographical such as Bible / Bottle, K-Mart Shoes, Latino Neighborhood, Da Ron (the gang name for this very white guy), and I Used to Rap, a track that includes a very weird Popeye rap.

The CD closes with Gangs in Nebraska, a very funny speculation on the topic, Self Defense, and Hip Hop Clinton where Darren Carter does a very good Bill Clinton Impression to a hip hop beat.

Overall, Darren Carter Shady Side is a good comedy CD. Again, a better producer would have made for a much better CD.


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