Finally, a comic who, on stage anyways, espouses my very own take on life: People are sheep. If you are offended by this, we-el-el-el too bad. Herding The Sheeple (sheeple being people/sheep) is a great and very original independent release comedy CD by Canadian stand-up comic Daryl Makk. As Daryl Makk says on the liner of his stand-up comedy CD: “This CD contains language that may be offensive to the bed-wetting, hand wringing, politically correct whiners out there.” If you are an adult, however, you will enjoy this comedy CD.

Daryl Makk, like many comics, does funny jokes about relationships, being single, women, and has a keen and very funny mind when it comes to observations about people and life in general. His take on today’s youth and our generation on Young Punks vs Back In My Day is priceless. The opposition of a generation raised on safety helmets, seatbelts, knee and elbow pads, and piercings, and the joys of growing up dialing to radio contests with a rotary phone, 8-Track tapes, the Bay City Rollers is a solid set all by itself. You have to have a quick mind and a wide frame of reference to get the maximum out of Herding The Sheeple and Daryl Makk and it is obvious the people at the club that night was definitely on board for a great evening and that Daryl Makk has a great rapport with his audience,

Herding The Sheeple also has a very funny bit at the end about teaching hunting and animal vocabulary to today’s kids at the end. Between that and the first track, My Background, Daryl Makk also takes you through his experience as a divorced guy on the single’s scene, a vibrant call for applied Darwinism, global warming, and hints on how to react to dogs chasing you while you jog.

Another strong point on this independent comedy CD by stand-up comic Daryl Makk is the great sound. It nice to hear not only the comic’s set but also the atmosphere in the club that night. Too many “live” comedy CDs seem to forget part of the charm is having the audience with you while you listen.


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