Funny 4 No Reason
Jeff Capri
Stand-Up Comedy CD
Independent Release

Funny 4 No Reason is fun for a good reason: Jeff Capri is a good stand-up comic. This self-release independent stand-up comedy CD allows you to discover a comedian who knows what he is doing and how to work a crowd. Although college-aged people might enjoy Capri a little bit more than others because of the many jokes about drinking, New Orleans Mardi Gras and Nintendo, he is nevertheless a very good funny guy.

As funny CDs go, Funny 4 No Reason is a little different from your standard offering. This comic’s comedic palette goes from Britney Spears to Iraq, Amsterdam, and being raised gay (sort of) by way of a couple of nasty and very funny bits about Disneyland, horror master Stephen King and what it must be like being his kid, and country music. Fortunately, Jeff has the talent to go to all these places and make his humor work.

Like any self-respecting standup, Capri knows how to work a crowd and the two tracks where he does only that get honest laughs both from the audience and the listener. This guy is mostly an observational comedian with a bit of a biographical or political twist at times who manages a couple of very awful puns. Although it is difficult to single out best of tracks because the whole CD is solid, the last few tracks on this compact disc are those whose jokes worked best for this reviewer. Fans of redneck and blue collar humour will also enjoy these bits.

The only caveats for this release are it comes in a slim case that easily gets lost if you have a voluminous collection and the sound is a bit too cavernous. Then again, this is a personal hobbyhorse and considering that otherwise it sounds as any high quality recording should, this is not a major problem.

Track list:

Britney / Paris / Prince / Michael
Man Hugs
Jagermeister vs Tequila vs Tequila
Gun Thing / Dizzkneeland / Stephen King
Fast Food / Working Out
Iraq / Amsterdam
Bad Teeth, Breath, And Feet
Segue Riff
Wedding Invite
Two Step / Country Music
Raised Gay
Dog Bit


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