Inside the Male Intellect
Robert Dubac
Independent Release

Inside the Male Intellect, the independent comedy CD from Robert Dubac, is not to be confused with the DVD of the same name: same guy, different show. While the Dvd is some 2 hours long, the stand-up comedy CD is some 50 minutes of the same material done this time keeping in mind this is an audio only media and the many visual supports of the stage version cannot be used or referred to. This is a different recording and not a spliced together audio version of the DVD. It might seem like a lesser version but it is not; if you have not seen the DVD you do not get the feeling anything has been left out.

This is a tight, very funny, a little blue sometimes exploration of the relationship between men and women. This is not in your face, aggressive humor but more of an intelligent and funny set on how men and women see, do, and say things differently. Those who like relationship jokes will be well served as this is the entire basis of the CD.

Inside the Male Intellect is more than your usual comedy CD. Although Robert Dubac is a stand-up comic and it is clear he has the experience and the chops, the CD is more akin to a one-man theatrical performance and not a comedy club set. That Dubac can do fifty minutes on the topic while keeping everything balanced and in perspective is basically a tour de force you have to respect and laugh at.

What makes this CD is not only the humorous tone but its sincerity and the even keel the comic manages to keep throughout. It is also, although very funny, quite serious at times as it is clear Robert Dubac is not exploring the male intellect just for fun but in a genuine attempt to understand women. That it takes him fifty minutes and he doesn’t quite come up with definitive answers is not his fault. After all, as he points out, Einstein wanted to go into psychology but figured understanding how the universe works was probably a safer bet.


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