Dave Mordal rocks!

It would be nice to come up with some kind of category for this comic and this stand-up comedy download but his material is so varied it becomes impossible. There is excellent biographical material about going camping on a converted shortbus camper, social commentary on drinking and driving, a superb bit titled “Women Are Diabolical” about how his 10-year-old niece outwitted him and that any comic worth his salt should listen to for how Mordal tosses the punchline.

Then again, there are many other tracks on this stand-up comedy CD that are musts for any fan of the genre who enjoys a solidly built routine and a perfectly delivered punch line.

Also very funny, amongst others,  is “Winston” about the war on tobacco, “Surprise Flood” which begins as a variation on “why are people in trailer home surprised there’s a tornado every year?” becomes another smart bit of social commentary.

Dave Mordal closes with Small Town Drunk which reminded me of a bit by Canadian comic Brent Butt.

Bottom line, there is not a bad track on this CD and it bears repeated listening

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Dave Mordal
pronounced dav mor-dal
Stand-up Comedy download or CD
Stand Up! Records 2013

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