Dave Willamson’s first stand-up comedy CD and MP3 album  is quite a lot of fun.

Williamson goes for lightweight observations and stories and keeps it clean almost all the time. Lightweight does not however mean facile. Most of the bits here are quite original and certainly bear repeated listening.

DaveWilliamson opens strong with a bit about being a young parent and how it’s not true you no longer have a social life. His “back in my days” is quite funny and he does a great Slinky. He also does a great drunk in a later bit.

Amongst the many strong bits here is on on cell phones being today’s cigarettes, one on sex ed, and the ice cream truck bit –and yes the CD ends with the promised bonus track of ice cream truck tunes.

The one glaringly unoriginal bit is track 5, Lots of Love, a generic bit about –insert older relative– thinking LOL means lots of love thus misusing in in a Facebook comment about someone dying or something.

Most of Thicker Than Water  by Dave Williamson is clean except for the last track. The f-bomb is quite a jolt and really breaks with tone of the rest of this CD.

If you enjoy stand-up that does not have a message and is just plain fun, this is a good bet.

Stand Up! Records CD Page:

Thicker Than Water
Dave Williamson
Stand-up comedy CD or MP3 album
Stand Up! Records 2012


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