I really really really really like Ilza Shlesinger’s comedy mp3 album War Paint. Really really really.

This comic is a burst of fresh air at a time when a lot of stand-up is generic, lazy, and – or – told by an uninteresting comic. Being the editor of this site, I know for a fact this comedy cd is going to be on my top 10 list for the year.

Although it starts off lame with an airport joke, there are at least a couple of tracks on War Paint that I already consider musts for any comedy fan. The first one is “The Grabbing Hand” where Shlesinger says another career choice would have been pharmacists and then creates an entire world she populates with a really funny and interesting character with a voice all her own. I’d tell you more but I really do not want to stop anyone from the same feeling of amazement I had the first couple of times I listed to this routine.

I am sure comparisons to Maria Bamford are often made when  it comes to Iliza Shlesinger but they are not quite fair or accurate.  Yes, this comic does voices and characters but it is not the same thing nor in the same head space. Here the voices are more external characters than internal. No doubt if you like Bamford you will like Shlesinger but it is just as true that if you do not like the former you will like the latter.

There is also a solid sequence on sex and dating and a great closing routine on what ordering a lobster implies and what girls were learning while guys were taking shop.

Did I mention I really like this comedy mp3 album by Iliza Schlesinger?

Just because I think reviews should be somewhat balanced: I am not impressed with the sex sells cover for War Paint.

War Paint
Iliza Shlesinger
Stand-up Comedy CD or MP3 album
New Wave Dynamics 2013

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