Dave Waite
Stand-up Comedy MP3 Album and CD
Stand Up! Records 2011

Dave Waite is a Midwest comic who predominantly uses life experience for his material.  His mild profanity and every-man attitude give his stand-up comedy MP3 album and comedy CD a real blue-collar appeal.  Unfortunately that’s the only appeal in his set.

Waite’s jokes are usually short and have something to do with his past jobs or people who he’s met.  While many of the subjects feel like they could be ripe for quality material, like his pee-wee football coach and watching soap operas with his grandma, the material lacks direction or flow. Waite seems to need more experience to really make the jokes work.

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The peaks of his set where Waite really seems to know what he wants out of his jokes are in the tracks titled Gypsies and Time Zones (which said as one track title sounds like the making of a very obscure joke).  These two bits are pretty amusing but are the only real gems of this album.  He spends too much time making himself sound creepy by talking about always trying to get laid and liking porn.  It does make him more real and relatable but not funnier.  I would also recommend he drops the “Kaboom” that he half-heartily tries to make his catchphrase.

Waite’s inexperience is most obvious when his jokes completely fail (which is too often).  When the audience is quiet, he’s noticeably frustrated that they didn’t think the joke was funny.  Occasionally he can turn it around with a short quip to reel the audience back in, but most of the time he just resorts to petty curse words to try to shock them into a laugh.  After the third or fourth time not even that works.

Dave Waite is far from a complete failure, because like I said, he has some original joke concepts.  He just needs to find out how to bring them to full fruition.  I wouldn’t recommend this stand-up comedy CD or MP3 download but I’d keep an open mind for his next album.  It could be a keeper.

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