Big, Small Town Kid by Icelandic stand-up comic Arnor Dadi is a fun, original stand-up comedy download. Unlike many mostly biographical comics, Dadi covers a lot of different comedic ground during his show. This keeps things fresh and interesting throughout.

Dadi opens a bit traditionally with a bit on Tinder. This is the only really ordinary bit on this download. More interesting stories include that of Goosey the village Goose, a kid’s revenge on a mean teacher many years later, and his mother clothes shopping for him. These are but a few.

Topical comedy always runs the risk of being dated before the release of the comedy download itself. This is the case for the very funny bit on Kevin Spacey. It’s still a good bit though.

The bit on Propecia being by prescription only is very funny in how ridiculous Arnor Dadi makes the process of getting some sound.

If you like your stand-up comedy with a dose of the absurd, Big, Small Town Kid by Arnor Dadi will most certainly please

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Big, Small Town Kid
Arnor Dadi
Stand-up comedy download
Stand up! Records 2021

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