My first question looking at David’s Zasloff music comedy CD was “How can you do comedy if you play trumpet?”  Zasloff doesn’t play trumpet here but he does pretty good comedy. I’m Not Who You Think You Are is the oddest and most varied musical comedy album I have heard in a while. If you appreciate the genre, you’ll like it but be prepared for something different.

Zasloff speaks over various musical tracks. He talks about marriage over the Bridal Chorus from Wagner’s Lohengrin and then, over a trumpet solo tells a story about a nude gig. Evolution Forever features a Lion King type chorus and tam tams.

But there is more to it than that.  The Money Nobody Ever Had is a smart follow the bouncing ball type bit on spending money that does not exist. This one and Meditation on Meditation, which sounds like a medication CD of course, are my favorite. They are both studio tracks Why No One Lives in the Moment on the other hand was recorded live. Zasloff could have used a better recording for that track.

David Zasloff I’m Not Who You Think You Are sometimes has adult themes and language.

I m Not Who You Think You Are
David Zasloff
Comedy CD or MP3
Independent 2014

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