I Like You is what any audience member will tell Josh Johnson after his set. In a stand-up environment where the norm seems to be aggressive and loud comics, Johnson’s low-key conversational approach is a welcome respite. He mainly focuses on his shortcomings and misadventures and his take on those only makes you like him more and find his adventures that much funnier.

Johnson is, as he tells in one of his routines, a former Tonight Show writer who failed a job interview as a dog walker. Easily intimidated by Bronx middle schoolers, he also received a breakup text from someone he didn’t know and then had his phone stolen by someone who turned out to be a better son than he was.

A couple of tracksĀ  that stand out on a comedy MP3 album that is solid through and through is Haunted where Johnson speculates on why it is that horror movie creepy kids are always white. His answer is superb and funny as hell. Another is Sports where Johnson’s take on what NFL players say after being drafted sets up one hell of a callback later on.

There are many other excellent tracks on Josh Johnson‘s I Like You. For example, the writing and timing on Grocery Store is superb.

I Like You is a really solid comedy download through and through.

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I Like You
Josh Johnson
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Comedy Central 2017


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