Macho Caballero by comic Derek Sheen is a superb stand-up comedy album download.

Sheen’s wide range of topics and self-deprecating humor make for a consistently interesting and funny listening experience. There is not a single weak moment on this stand-up comedy download. Well, maybe the bonus track is a little weaker.

Derek Sheen opens with some biographical material about getting old. His description on how he slipped and fell in a hotel bathroom is, and he acknowledges it, right out of a Looley Tunes cartoon. He tackles his addictions head on and includes a great story about a night in a Seattle bar that lead to a six-day blackout.

My favorite track on Macho Caballero from Stand Up! Records is “Magic Bullet”. He ties in the blender with the JFK coup so elegantly it will make other comics jealous.

Derek Sheen can even make the shooting death of a clown funny. Then again, he is right and it is inherently funny.

I have come across very few comedy downloads this year that are really worth buying. Macho Caballero is one of them.

Kudos, by the way, to Tom Neely who did the Macho Caballero cover. This label is known for its cover art but this is one of my top 3.

Macho Caballero
Derek Sheen
Stand-up comedy mp3 download
Stand Up! Records 2020

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