Inexplicable, the first stand-up comedy CD by Don Friesen is almost absolutely brilliant. Friesen is an original; he is very intelligent, clever, funny, and just about perfectly clean.

His range of topics is good but it is his range of references that most impresses. Inexplicable may be Don Friesen’s first comedy CD but there is certainly much more to come.

You would think that comedy wise the topic of cell phones has been done to death but Don Friesen opens with the “Take my wife” of the beginning of this century and finds a whole new service provider.

It is in the first minute of this routine that this stand-up comic serves notice that he is capable of some really original stuff such as his Dr. Seuss take on calling plans. He proves it again, in spades, on Business Degree: Like New with references to Dr. Strangelove, Monty Python and the Holy Grail, and The Matrix. Somewhere on Inexplicable Don Friesen also tips his hat to the classic Abbott and Costello Who’s On First routine.

Friesen has a really good routine on electronic appliances that cleverly ends up on the Dr. Phil Show and allows him to do a very funny Phil imitation and comes up with a hilarious idea for a Dr. Phil product spin-off. This is followed by a bit on Dubya and autobiographical bits about his college days, bedwetting, and having kids.

This is followed by another solid stand-up comedy routine on saving for his kids’ college that includes a killer callback to a previous bit. The relationship material on Inexplicable is okay.

If the previous tracks had not been so impressive, these bits would probably sound stronger but they pale in comparison. Wussman Walking is a bit that feels a bit milked, something Friesen cannot normally be accused of.

If Don Friesen Inexplicable is almost absolutely brilliant it is because the comedy and intelligence of the closing tracks really do not match the rest of the material on this CD. Southwest Scramble and Prozac Pilot / I Will Survive are much lesser routines. Prozac Pilot goes on too long.

This stand-up comedy CD features the usual high sound quality that makes Uproar!  my favorite comedy label. If you want to get really picky there is one audience member, right speaker, whose laugh is a bit annoying in the long run.

Don Friesen
Comedy CD
Uproar 2007
55 minutes

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