If there is an advantage to releasing your stand-up comedy CD as an independent comic it is you can do and say anything you damn well please and Don Tjernagel takes full advantage of that on Forbidden Comedy of Don, his first of three comedy CDs. This makes for an interesting and funny comedy CD if you are a little forgiving. There is no edit at work here whatsoever so you get the material that really works and the stuff that didn’t do so well that night. This is no doubt a reflection of Don Tjernagel as a comic artist because he himself does not censor anything at all. Forbidden Comedy of Don is stand-up comedy for adults.

Forbidden Comedy of Don features sex jokes. A lot of sex jokes. Don Tjernagel covers every possible sex joke from Catholic girls to midgets, she-males and, yes, Willy Wonka. You have to hear it to believe it. It is very difficult to make, no pun intended, heads or tails of what goes on in Tjernagel’s mind. He is at times a crude comic and, at other times, brilliant. Anyone who can go from jokes about your grandmother to Hitler in hell to playing Barbie with your sister (who files down her breasts to get a more feminist Barbie) most certainly deserves attention and respect.

This independent stand-up comedy CD also features a few political jokes and material such as what if the South had won and there was a Confederate Border. Forbidden Comedy of Don also features a funny story about being stopped at the California border for fruit inspection, sex with Elmer Fudd, and a funny bit about Don Tjernagel’s school teacher mother surfing the internet for porn.

Clocking in at some 66 minutes, this stand-up comedy CD has something for everyone who doesn’t mind this kind of stand-up comedy. An artsy-fartsy critic would probably describe Forbidden Comedy of Don free form stand-up and, well, it is. It is probably in Don Tjernagel‘s comic nature to go out on stage without a set series of true and tested funny jokes and stories he tells night after night and instead have a more improv comedy approach. It usually works and like most improv there are hits and misses; more hits than misses here though. The audience at the taping of this CD was perhaps a little thin however because you don’t get the full effect of this very weird but interesting, young stand-up comic

Forbidden Comedy of Don
Don Tjernagel
Independent Release Comedy CD

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