If you are familiar with comedian Don Jamieson it is probably because he is co-host of VH-1 That Metal Show or because you’ve seen him perform at some metal concert. If so, you are going to like his latest stand-up comedy MP3 album.

If you are not familiar with Jamieson, you are probably going to find his material fun enough but not particularly memorable.

The first half of Hell Bent For Laughter is about the metal world with jokes about a guy who wears diapers at metal shows so he can see every minute of the show; Judas Priest, its gay singer, and the new meaning this gives to the group’s songs; Ozzy; AC/DC and so on. It is funny stuff if you are of a certain age.

The second half of this comedy album has rather crude relationship material and some current affair-ish stuff like Chris Christie, the shootings in Florida, and reality show moms.

The best track on Hell Bent for Laughter is Things You’ll Never Hear Anyone Say.

This is the kind of stand-up someone new to comedy will enjoy and grow out of.

Hell Bent For Laughter
Don Jamieson
Comedy MP3 album
Metal Blade Records 2014

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