Joe DeRosa’s second stand-up comedy MP3 album Return of the Son of Depression Auction shifts constantly between ordinary observational humor, and self-deprecating comedy.

One second he’s down on himself, the next he’s talking about various cultural trends and behaviors.  Just as fast as he switches between these two styles, the quality of the material also fluctuates.

Comedy Central CD and DVD Reviews Page:

A majority of Joe DeRosa’s best material is when he’s not talking about himself but instead speaking in generalities about the world, like when he talks about fancy restaurants trying too hard to make fancy food or Europeans insulting Americans.  These are bits are both relatable and hilarious.

Then he will transition to jokes about himself that don’t work nearly as well as a whole even if there are a few funny lines.  There’s certainly nothing wrong with self-deprecating humor but most audiences don’t need to listen to a mediocre four-minute joke about bowel movements or being too old for a mosh pit.

Not all of the observational jokes are gold and not all of the personal jokes are trash but that is the general trend of his material in this album.

Also included were two unnecessary tracks, neither of which adds anything to the value of this downloadable album. The first of which was a plea by Joe DeRosa to purchase his first CD after the show. Such a request is typical for a headliner at a comedy club, but it has no place on a stand-up comedy MP3 album, especially if he doesn’t try to add any humor to it. The second expendable track was the Liner Notes that appear as the very last track. Presumably, because this is exclusively a downloadable album, somebody decided that the liner notes needed to be included aurally.  They didn’t and the resulting track was DeRosa ranting aimlessly about online piracy.  There is no need for these tracks.

Overall, this is an average album with no outstanding highs or lows.

Return of the Son of Depression
Joe DeRosa
Stand-up Comedy MP3 album
Comedy Central Records 2011

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