Bring Me To Your Mother, the indie stand-up comedy MP3 album by Jeff MacKinnon has me in a conundrum.

MacKinnon is a good comic and he has good material. There is a bit of a problem with the sound (more on that later) but that is supposed to have been fixed. The thing is Jeff MacKinnon has the most irritating habit of confronting the audience for no audible or seemingly particular reason. He just seems to pick a fight just because. The experience becomes rather tiresome for the listener and really takes away from the performance and my overall appreciation. Bonus material for this comedy MP3 album is 9 sketch comedy tracks.

Jeff MacKinnon has some good material. Especially good is Repaired Home where MacKinnon talks about the fact his parents remarried each other. I did wish this two minute had been expanded. This is an unusual topic with promising payoffs.

Other good bits are Respect Your Elders and the surprising Big Wheels Keep On Turning.

Funnier if you are from that generation is the penultimate track on 90s music.

The rest of the material on this comedy mp3 album is quite entertaining.

It would have been more so if you knew why Jeff MacKinnon pics fights and who he picked them with.

Our pre-release review copy had a problem with how the audience laughter was edited in the post recording process. Jeff MacKinnon says this has been fixed as much as possible.

Bring Me To Your Mother
Jeff MacKinnon
Stand-up Comedy MP3 Album
Independent Release

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