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Two and a Half Men Season Six
Charlie Sheen, Jon Cryer, Angus T. Jones
4 DVD 24 Episodes
Originally aired CBS 2008-09
Warner Home Video 2009

Two and a Half Men is still excellent sitcom six seasons into its run. The 4 DVD and 24 episodes of this situation comedy starring Charlie Sheen, Jon Cryer, and Angus T Jones still features excellent writing and situations. The humor in this sixth season of Two and a Half Men is more adult audience oriented than it was before but that is a good thing. This is a great sitcom DVD set.

Everything works in the sixth season of this sitcom. Jon Cryer still has the opportunity to to some great physical comedy (the taser scene in episode is great), Charlie Sheen is obviously not tired of playing the hot to trot single guy, and Jake is still growing and discovering life while Angus T Jones is getting better as an actor.

The writing is excellent with some really good one liners, put downs, and even better innuendo based humor (my favorite is in a scene referring to a moment between Judith and Allan, Charlie says, “You know what’s a good book? Under the Dining Room Table by Richard Gobbler”).

>Especially good in the Six and a Half Men Season 6 DVD set is the episode where Charlie finds Jake’s fifth grade teacher down on her luck (to be polite) and she finds the Lord (episode 5 DVD1). A two-part episode with later consequences has Allan and Judith reuniting.  Really excellent is episode 12 DVD2 where Jake and Charlie compete for the same woman; seems Jake has learned a few things from his uncle.

A great scene is DVD 3 episode 15 where Charlie talks to his therapist and goes to couples counseling with Chelsea; The therapist is just absolutely perfect. The whole Chelsea story line is also excellent.

Episode 19, The Two Finger Rule, has to be on a Best of compilation of this situation comedy if there ever is one. The guys all get together and have some guy talk: priceless.

Lesser episodes, relatively speaking, are when Grandma decides to pay for Jake’s college (episode 10 DVD 2) and Allan’s birthday party (episode 14).

Look for Ryan Styles of The Drew Carey Show as Judith’s new husband. Emilio Estevez and James Earl Jones make a very brief appearance in episode 11 (DVD 2) this sitcom DVD set

Special features on the Two and a Half Men Season 6 DVD set are a feature on the women in the show, a feature on Jake’s evolution, and a decent enough gag reel.

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