Dracula by stand-up comic Andrew Cahak is a solid biographical comedy download.

What sets it apart from other such releases are the last two tracks, The Knife [Explicit] and Everything [Explicit]

Biographical stand-up comedy is only successful if you like the persona of the comic. Cahak easily puts his audience in his back pocket by opening with material about having been a comic for seven years and having recently broken a mirror.

This is followed by another good bit about an open mic and meeting some of the clowns in the audience (no, real clowns). Although the material is good, Cahak leaves the listener on his appetite as he establishes these people were pretending to be clowns to crash a clown convention but he never reveals why they were doing so. Also, to be really picky, the name for a gathering a clown has to be “a miniature car of clowns”.

This stand-up comedy download album also includes an excellent if unwitting prank on his best friend that Cahak pulls in his wedding guest book. You would think there is no link between Jeffrey Dahmer and Kings of Leon but there is one.

The two-part bit on Arby’s left me a bit cold but that is mostly because I am not really familiar with Arby’s so the reference does not work for me.

I am a big fan of long form stand-up. The Knife is one such comedy routine. This 22-minute piece uses the formula of the incident getting comically out of hand: in this case, it is a series of email exchanges between Andrew Cahak and the manufacturers of the Red Ball professional bread knife. It is masterfully crafted.

Andrew Cahak Dracula closes with another long-form routine, Everything. It is an interesting bit where Cahak thinks about things on a regressive philosophical time line until he slips the rug from under your feet and turns it into something entirely different and unexpected.

Andrew Cahak Dracula is a stand-up comedy download definitely worth your comedy dollar.

Andrew Cahak
Stand-up comedy download album
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