Who’s Harry Crumb? Blu-ray
John Candy, Shawnee Smith
Originally released 1989
Mill Creek Entertainment 2018

Some re-releases are most appreciated. This is very much the case for the Blu-ray version of 1989’s Who’s Harry Crumb by Mill Creek Entertainment. This is a detective comedy starring the great John Candy that went under the radar back then and is worth rediscovering. The VHS tape look slipcover is a cool touch.

Candy plays private detective Harry Crumb, the scion of a long line of famous detectives. It seems Harry may not have inherited all of the Crumb crime solving genes and is relegated to a small, very very quiet branch office in middle America. When eldest daughter of a millionaire is kidnapped, the head office calls on its “top detective” Harry Crumb to solve the case.

Of course, John Candy / Harry Crumb bumbles his way through the case with comic results. This also allows Candy to indulge in various costume characters and physical comedy. Adding to the charm of this detective comedy is Shawnee Smith (of situation comedies like Anger Management and Becker)as the sister of the kidnapped victim and Crumb’s sidekick.

Who’s Harry Crumb? Also stars Jeffrey Jones who excels in playing oily meanies.

It is unfortunate the Mill Creek Blu-ray version of Who’s Harry Crumb does not have extra features of any kind but that is standard for budget-priced releases.

Movie and TV fans should pay a visit to the Mill Creek Entertainment site and check out their many cool releases. They will certainly find a long sought after title in there.

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