Murder Bird is one hell of an original title for a stand-up comedy album so it follows Canadian Andrew Ivimey is an original comic. The comedy on this album is excellent and a good bang for your dollar.

Comic Andrew Ivimey has a thing about the Medieval Times restaurant so Murder Bird opens with three short bits about the place. This segues nicely on material about being poor. I do not often hear material on that topic that doesn’t go for the old violin woe was me strings. Ivimey rises about this to state facts that rang true to me but got a laugh without eliciting pity.

Other topics on this stand-up comedy album include crypto money, a theory on Canadian sports that is funny but easy to disagree with, and another story about Medieval Times. Also good are the routine on the porn shower curtain, his typecasting as a cop, and the penultimate track on applauding health care workers.

Though Ivimey delivers a very good album, I wish he had done more with rope play in the bedroom. This is not a topic you often hear in stand-up comedy and it has a lof of possibilities. I had to find something to be picky about and this is it.

Murder Bird is as cool a title as Ivimey is a comic.

Murder Bird
Andrew Ivimey
Stand-up comedy album
Distrokid 2023

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