I am very glad Drew Hastings has a Comedy Central special on DVD and CD: Irked & Miffed.

I have enjoyed this stand-up comedian often and for a while. His disarmingly sarcastic, aka the title,┬átake on life, “Healthy is just a pre-cancerous condition” and his self-deprecating humor are different, smart, well-structured and told, and very funny.

With the release of Irked & Miffed more people will be able to see why Hastings is an original and the kind of comic you like to listen to again and again.

This is really good stuff.

If you are already familiar with Hastings and have his independent release comedy CD I Have No Fight With You People a lot of the material here will be very familiar. You might then want to choose the Irked & Miffed DVD just to see Drew Hastings perform.

If you are not familiar with this stand-up comic this is a really good comedy CD.

It is obvious this comic has a lot of talent and uses all of it. Even his very short riffs with an audience member are just a set-up for a punchline such as in the I Love You bit.

The new routines on this CD include the story of he and his girlfriend going to a drive-through animal park in some southern state, a bit on chain saws, and an excellent routine on this gentleman farmer growing pigs.

Also excellent and new is the coyote hunting bit.

Drew Hastings is able to paint a mental picture you immediately see exactly as he needs you to to get the laugh and this just makes his material that much more enjoyable.

The barn cat story on this stand-up CD is quite good but those who have heard the original version on I Have No Fight With You People will find this new take is missing something.

The Drew Hastings Irked & Miffed CD is solid.

Irked & Miffed
Drew Hastings
Stand-up Comedy CD
Image Entertainment 2008
63 minutes

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