Here is a conundrum: Drew Hastings Irked And Miffed the stand-up comedy DVD or CD?

Both are the same very good show. Hastings is a smart, autobiographical, somewhat angry and dark comic whose take on things is different and funny. The advantage to the DVD is you get to see the clitoris / Starbucks bit and it is really worth seeing.

The stand-up comic does look for his footing a bit after the usual couple of jokes and before he starts on a longer routine but the rest of the show is solid. The driver-through animal park routine is a lot of fun even if it could use a real ending.

The best routine here is Hastings’ adventures in farming. This is really original, different, and funny.

Somewhat older stand-up comedy fans will enjoy the nod to Hart to Hart and admit the comedian has a point.

Of course, the stand-up comic does relationship material but it is better than most. I was especially pleased by a callback to what someone in the audience said and there are a few lines I suspect a lot of single guys will want to use, “I was a Pisces; she was a barbed fish hook.”

The sex in your fifties routine is excellent as is Pledging a political statement.

Fans of Drew Hastings ‘ independent release comedy CD I Have No Fight With You People will recognize some of the material on Irked and Miffed. I still think the barn cat story comes off better on the earlier release.

In addition to the animal drive-through fiasco, the new bits include one on gentleman pig farming, chain saws, and one on hunting a coyote.

Technically, Drew Hastings Irked And Miffed is what a stand-up comedy should do: visually support the comic and then get out of the way. This is what happens here when Hastings refers to the room and the picture shows what he is talking about. Granted, this doesn’t sound like rocket science but too often it seems to have been on other comedy DVDs.

This is good stuff.

Irked & Miffed
Drew Hastings
Stand-up Comedy DVD
Image Entertainment 2008
63 minutes

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