Independent Release
Parental Advisory (for those who care)

At first, this independent comedy CD by Jack Mayberry doesn’t sound like it is going to be a good experience. It starts off with a couple of old comedic chestnuts like a guy walks into a bar and a guy goes to the doctor. Then there is the line “I believe all people are created equal and deteriorate to various degrees over a period of time.” and you know this is going to be an unusual and funny set.

Perhaps the key is the title, Comedius Erectus, hinting at evolution, and this stand-up comic’s material most certainly does evolve and, pun intended, grow on you. After a couple more chestnuts, you get some autobiographical material about growing up in Lubbock, Texas and the weird but realistic names of towns around it. The evolution continues with the comedian’s observation about words, blue words.

We then get jokes about Mayberry being geographically challenged, some of his relatives, the power of going into a voting booth, Southwest Airlines, politics and the comic’s similarity to Ross Perot, seatbelts, more flying humor focused on your role as a passenger in helping the plane fly and keeping the pilot interested, rental cars, and smoking.

Mayberry’s take on religion is hilarious, especially his comments on those weirdoes who knock on your door and preachers. This stand-up comedy┬áCD closes with tracks about being single and marriage, including the old marriage is not a word but a sentence but then an original comparison between marriage and airlines, getting divorced.

With a voice reminiscent of Ross Perot and the delivery of Drew Carey, Jack Mayberry is a funny guy. A somewhat tighter set would have made for something close to a comedy concept album. Still, old chestnuts aside, this is funny stuff.

The sound quality on this funny CD, a personal peeve, is excellent. Jack Mayberry Comedius Erectus is a good comedy CD that maybe could have used a producer who could have tightened the set a bit and really highlight the wide range of this comedian.


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