I Have No Fight With You People by stand-up comic Drew Hastings is an excellent and very original stand-up comedy CD, independent release or not.

Hastings impresses with I Have No Fight With You People not because he is a very good stand-up comic, he is, but because he covers comedic ground few if any comics have set foot on. That alone makes this comedy CD worthwhile.

Hastings is 50 years old or so and this is, in part, what makes him stand out from most stand-ups. He has a more mature style and topics. Not many comics talk about planning for their retirement. Personal favorite on this independent release stand-up comedy CD is Farm Life, a nice, long, and very funny about this city bred comic’s unsuccessful attempt at country living. Health Woes is another very good autobiographical comedy track that not only older people will enjoy.

There is something very Ron Shock (my all time favorite stand-up comic) about Drew Hastings both in terms of approach and delivery. Sexual Matters and My Girlfriend is Drew Hastings sharing the woes of having a younger girlfriend (poor guy). Proof Drew Hastings is an original is Television Advertising. This may not be new fodder for stand-up comedy and neither are humorous jabs at drug company commercials on television, but Hastings has a new and hilarious take on the topic.

Drew Hastings is definitely not PC. This is obvious in What Is “Disabled” a short bit that works. I would have probably enjoyed it more had it been longer but this is very much a matter of personal taste. A Tale Of Erotic Asphyxiation is exactly that and both funny and creepy.

Hastings’ forte is the longer bit. Homo Truck and Why I Don’t Want Children is a long, seemingly rambling bit that somehow manages to link working in an Irish pub (a hilarious bit in itself) having your own trucking business and renting the truck out at night, and the reason why Hastings does not want children. Connecting these dots may seem impossible but Hastings does it very neatly.

I Have No Fight With You People is an excellent independent release stand-up comedy CD you will definitely enjoy time and time again. A keeper and on the top of my personal (and by now very high) pile. The sound quality is also excellent.

I Have No Fight With You People
Drew Hastings
Stand-up Comedy CD
Independent Release
48 minutes

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