Drew Jacobs’ I’m Allergic To My Job is a total hoot as stand-up comedy albums go.

If you like funny songs (with a country western twang), this CD is a must. Everything here works: the lyrics, the singing, the quality of the musicians, and the production values. The only thing you can complain about is I’m Allergic To My Job and its six songs runs under 20 minutes –and there’s no lyrics sheet.

Jacobs sure knows how to write and sing a funny song and tell an interesting story while doing it. Considering all six songs on this CD are excellent, it is impossible to pick a favorite. Yesterday, my favorite was Wives For Dummies (which is by the way read by Maya Angelou). Today it is Multi-Tasking, a fun song about a modern problem.

Drew Jacobs wrote all of the songs except for Outside of A Small Circle of Friends by Phil Ochs, yes THAT Phil Ochs. Jacobs took out a couple of verses and added a modern one to it. The piano work by Lincoln Mayorga is really cool.

The CD closes with There’s A Problem In Your Pants which oddly enough sounds like a song for children, and Rudolph’s On Steroids.

There is no way you can’t totally enjoy this funny song CD by musician Drew Jacobs

I’m Allergic To My Job!
Drew Jacobs
Music Comedy CD
Independent Release

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