The stand-up comedy mp3 album Jo Koy Lights Out is clearly the soundtrack to the DVD.

This might sound like a great moment in duh! as this is a trend in stand-up comedy but in this particular case the soundtrack does not quite work. There are a few too many tracks where you need to see the comic to get the full effect or just get the joke. For those who care, Jo Koy Lights Out features adult language.

The heart of Lights Out is stories about Jo Koy being Filipino, and his mother, and the fact she was a single mom. It is good stuff though long-time Jo Koy fans will recognize some of his early stage material.

There are also some routines about his son and the comic’s experience with fatherhood. They are original enough but, again, the visual support is missing.

Jo Koy Lights Out is a much better release than his previous, Don’t Make Him Angry. I’d just get the DVD instead.

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LIghts Out
Jo Koy
Stand-up Comedy MP3
Comedy Central Records 2012
60 minutes

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