Dylan Brody is the kind of comic whose style either works or does not work for you. In my case it is both. Chronological Disorder, his 2012 stand-up comedy MP3 and CD is certain to please his fans. Brody is a raconteur, an essayist, a humorist, a yarn spinner, a storyteller, and a verbal perambulator.

Chronological Disorder is a very good indication of Brody’s approach. The CD is a series of biographical yarns and observations loosely knit together. The opening, Preramble 1 is atypical Brody as it is an especially unoriginal bit where the comic obviously panders to the audience while saying he would never do that.

It is very Brodyesque however to have four Preramble tracks. The stories involve pandas, his groupies / personal assistants, depression and martial arts, and early days learning drama in London and meeting an Olivier.

18 minutes later Brody officially begins his set or, in this comedian’s case, his loose. This involves a story about a Zen master, a funny story about him purposefully miscommunicating information for laughs that sort of connects to a misunderstanding at a party to misunderstanding on a cruise ship.

Dylan Brody Chronological Disorder ends with a bizarre children’s song like ditty. It is much more fitting than the opening.

I liked this stand-up comedy CD better than previous ones. Then again, maybe I am slowly getting this guy.

Dylan Brody offered a download of an hour-long show titled More Arts Less Martial on his website. Check out our Stand Up! Records page for more great comedy

Chronological Disaster
Dylan Brody
Stand-up Comedy MP3 and CD
Stand Up! Records 2012

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