I never could get into the humoristic essay. I had faintly hoped having it read by the author would help but no. This very much influences my reaction to these two Dylan Brody comedy CDs. Brevity features eight comic essays performed by Brody on the radio. True Enough has 8 essays performed live by the author.

Oddly enough I prefer the live performance on True Enough to the read in a vacuum aka studio of Brevity but prefer the essays on the latter to those on the former. Go figure.  Dylan Brody is a former stand-up comic and this background makes the live performance of his work more interesting, not that the essayist performs his work as such. It is something lacking in the studio performances so you get the feeling Brody is reading as quickly as possible so as to get his essay in in the time he was allotted.

The humoristic essays on Brevity are tighter and more to the point, relatively speaking, than those on True Enough. On True Enough I found Dylan Brody generally had a hard time getting from point A to point B and perhaps even remembering what point A was in the first place.

This is why of the pieces on True Enough the best is Democracy 101, an autobiographical essay on becoming class president in grade 2. Here Brody sticks to the original story line and gets to the point. A total waste is Economicon 2008, a piece that can only be appreciated by economists and Wall Street hacks.

Brevity features a good essay on the nature of censorship and a fun story on Brody’s turn on jury duty.

True Enough and Brevity
Dylan Brody
Stand-Up! Records 2009

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