Eddie Izzard is absolutely glorious and Glorious is a tour de force stand-up comedy CD for those who like a thinking man’s funny joke.

Brainy American stand-up comics like Dennis Miller, Bill Maher, or Jon Stewart tend to hang around the politics for their material. Eddie Izzard, a Brit (and do not hold this against him; British humor is not this reviewer’s favorite genre but Eddie Izzard is the exception) can go from Noah to Alexander, Troy and the Greeks to Princess Di (such an ominous name!) at the drop of a slip-Izzard likes to cross-dress. Glorious is a comedy cd for those who like erudite stand up or for those who like a little substance to their funny joke and funny story.

There seems to be no thread in Izzard’s show as recorded on Glorious (the stand-up comddy CD or the DVD) except his vast encyclopedic knowledge, his ability to tell a non-linear story, and his talent for keeping all those various comedic balls is the air is astounding. Many stand-up comedians who work above the bar of the funny story about relationships or funny joke about women and men come across as angry and, as can be the case for Dennis Miller and George Carlin, as if they think they are better than you. Eddie Izzard does take for granted his audience has a certain level of education or general knowledge but instead of using that artificial bond between stand-up comic and audience to put down others who do not think like them (Bill Maher), Izzard uses it as a starting point on this comedy cd for his extremely funny musings and sharp observations.

From the secret society of women and the obscure rules of hopscotch to vacuum cleaners, Bissell floor sweepers, St Peter, Robin Hood gone American, showers, Troy and Achilles and the royal family by way of Phil the Greek, Eddie Izzard never once loses either audience or interest. Eddie Izzard has released many a comedy CD and comedy DVD, Glorious is as good a place as any to start. His greatest advantage over other thinking man or woman’s comic is that unlike Jon Stewart or Dennis Miller Izzard’s material and references will never seem outdated because it is simply timeless.

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