Eddie Gossling  Live at the DC Improv 4-5-08
Stand-up Comedy CD
Produced by Joel Haas
Hahaas 2008
48 minutes

Eddie Gossling is a strange bird. This stand-comic eats picture frames and candles, googles Google, and prays like a hobbit. You can figure out why and learn more by listening to his stand-up comedy CD Live at the DC Improv 4-5-08. This is a solid release.

Gossling is a lot of fun to listen to. His ability to interact with the audience –whenever and wherever his CD was recorded– is only bested by how he manages to be both a nasty and nice comic at pretty much the same time. Parents will enjoy his having a baby, fellow parents, and his seven year old versus the crazy clown bit though they will not want their own kid to hear it.

Also on Eddie Gossling’s lost list of concerns are the mystery of BJ account, the superiority of Yo Gabba Gabba to SpongeBob, Teletubbies, and The Wiggles, and the very funny if too short for my taste Acclownting.

This comedian is big on the very short bit but they all hang together smoothly. Many of these bits are either things you wish you had thought of or seriously consider trying or stealing for the next company party like going on a job interview for your own dark motives.

Gossling ‘s only weakness is his absolute and total lack of singing abilities, something made abundantly clear when he tries a very very white guy version of a rap song. I only say this to get him steamed a bit because that makes for a funny sound effect.

This stand-up comedy CD includes a couple of  too tried and by now untrue topics such as changing a baby boy and the sprinkler effect, the grocery story self check-out lane, and the now seemingly obligatory Lord of the Rings joke. Fortunately, he doesn’t milk them much and LOTR is really a set-up for a slam on magicians and a really original bit on playing wizz-ard in the public bathroom.

I am being a bit picky. Still, I could have done without the shit jokes on track 8. Not that I am a prude or sensitive soul: these are basically lazy laugh getters that sorely stand out considering how good this stand-up comic in the rest of his show.

Eddie Gossling could use a stronger closer but the last track does feature subtle callbacks to the panda and kettle jokes from the beginning of the show.

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