Daniel Tosh is one of the most original stand-up comics I have heard in a while. True Stories I Made Up, on Comedy Central Records, is a delight for any veteran fan of stand-up comedy and comedy CD fans of comedy in general will greatly enjoy.

A fake autobiographical comic (check the title) and pretty good observational comic, Daniel Tosh’s forte is his ability to deconstruct a joke right after telling it while playing with the audience’s expectations as to where his material is going.

The cover for True Stories I Made Up shows an angelic looking Daniel Tosh (which means someone at a record store is going to file this in the gospel section) but looks, like this stand-up comic’s material, can be deceiving. Not that Tosh is an aggressive, in your face comic but some of his material is edgy and for a mature audience.

A particular favorite on this solid stand-up comedy CD is The Coprophagia Diet where Tosh wonders if people would taste the same as their ethnic cliché (would you get hungry 30 minutes after eating an Oriental person, for example). What is cool about this joke is he lets the audience hang when it comes to white people and then pokes fun at them for their comedic expectation and their feeling they should not have laughed.

Daniel Tosh is a master at toying with the audience without ever making it feel stupid. He has the ability to set up a joke so the audience will groan in discomfort and then point out there was no reason to groan because the joke itself was not there at all. He usually likes doing that when doing what seems to be racial comedy. Not that he always does that. A lot of this comic’s material is short one-liners and observations about daily life and modern obsessions (America The Augmented) more or less segued together.

Comedy Central Records continues its tradition of issuing a comedy CD / DVD set. The DVD is a 24-minutes Comedy Central Presents show featuring Daniel Tosh that seems to have been made be a couple of years before the CD. The picture quality on this comedy DVD is a bit grainy, reminiscent of a VHS tape but the set by Daniel Tosh, which includes some of the material on the CD, is solid.

Daniel Tosh, True Stories I Made Up, is an excellent stand-up comedy CD with a decent looking DVD as a bonus.

Daniel Tosh
True Stories I Made Up
CD 50 minutes DVD 24 minutes
Comedy Central Records 2005

Even the track list on this funny CD is misleading, but here it is:

Track List:

Fictitious Disorder
Mind Of A Sleeping Man
Dream Small The Disappointment Hurts Less
America The Augmented
Gaunt And Sexy
Hollywood Made Me Queer
Enlightened Garbage
I Heart Dave
The Coprophagia Diet
Please Light Me


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