Jon Reep is an excellent stand-up comic.

He is also sometimes annoyingly loud and aggressive and this is a real turn-off for me. Metro Jethro, his first stand-up comedy CD with bonus DVD is aimed at the Blue Collar Comedy audience but you do not have to be a redneck to enjoy this CD. It does help though.

Latest winner of Last Comic Standing, Reep is, loudness aside, a very good stand-up. Metro Jethro features some original and very funny material. This comedy CD opens with Nake-Etiquette, a routine that takes the standard naked old guy in the locker room premise and expands it into a solid routine.

Reep also discusses how all small towns are the same and we all live in small town. More standard Blue Collar Comedy style fair are the bits about the Riffpher, the Fair, and, of course, Nascar.

The comic also has a good series on being married and relationship comedy. This, again, is original stand-up off the beaten path. Again, I find Reep’s tendency to get louder to deliver his punchlines quite annoying.

Next up is some comedy about growing up in the country and Jon Reep’s parents. This too is funy stuff.

I very much look forward to hearing more from Jon Reep. It is probably my fault if I did not enjoy this CD as much as I could have but there you go.

The bonus comedy DVD that comes with Jon Reep Metro Jethro features most of the material on this comedy CD. Considering some of the jokes are visual, this was a good idea. The picture quality is that of a Comedy Central special. Extra features on the DVD are more routines taken from the same show, interview footage, and other fun stuff.

Metro Jethro
Jon Reep
Stand-up Comedy CD with DVD
WEA Reprise 2009

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