Elon Gold is a multitalented stand-up comic. This is quite obvious listening to his stand-up comedy mp3 album Chosen and Taken.

Though the show gets off to a rough start with a hack bit involving “a quick show of breasts” Gold quickly resets the bar at a higher, more interesting level that makes this release worth the price. For those who care, there are a couple of f-words but not enough to be noticeable.

Gold is an observational comic at heart. This is most evident in ‘Diculous, a bit on how things can become even more ridiculous. This gets the audience on board for the rest of the show. There is a lot of Jewish humor here such as the excellent Isralis vs. Jews but not enough to make Chosen and Taken an ethnic comedy album.

This comic’s greatest talent is for voices and accents. His lesson on how to create a Russian accent will not be lost on anyone who likes to imitate cheap gangsters. This is only topped by his observations on British pronunciation.

The last third of the show is biographical material about having kids. This includes a brilliant bit where Elon Gold has various celebrities read Once Upon a Potty. This bit alone would make a great gift for expecting or new parents.

I had the pleasure of seeing Elon Gold perform at Just For Laughs and would certainly spend money on him again. This is a Comedy Dynamics release

Chosen and Taken
Elon Gold
Comedy MP3 Album
Comedy Dynamics 2014

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