As the title of Shane Mauss’ 2014 MP3 stand-up comedy album Mating Season suggests the comic focuses on relationships.

This may not be the most original topic for stand-up but Mauss makes it interesting, funny, and generally original. Mauss is a stand-upĀ  comic you cannot but enjoy.

The show opens with some biographical material about the comic’s past jobs but he quickly moves on to males vs. females both human and animal. Shane Mauss elegantly balances between both animal courtship and human sexual attraction. His ability to structure his material makes it that much more interesting and fun to go along with.

There is also a very good bit about being drunk and running away from the cops.

Technically, there is one rather obvious cut at the beginning of the Blaming Eve track but then again the review copy of this album was sequenced differently from how it is as an Amazon or Itunes download. This is a Comedy Dynamics release

Mating Season
Shane Mauss
Stand-up Comedy MP3 album
Comedy Dynamics 2014

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