Our most eclectic Top 10 comedy CD and MP3 album list ever. I am really happy to see how varied this top 10 list is. Stand Up! Records dominates with 4 out of the 10 albums. Congrats to Dan Schlissel for an excellent year. There is a nice representation of indie releases too and that makes me quite happy. As always, there is no particular order to the list itself.

Hampton Yount – Unbearable – Independent Release Review

Alysia Wood – Princess – Stand Up! Records Review

Darryl Lenox – Blind Ambition – Stand Up! Records Review

Doug Stanhope – Before Turning the Gun on Himself – Roadrunner Records – Review 

CJ Harlow – Coming Clean – Independent Release Review

Drew Jacobs – I m Allergic to my Job – Independent Release – Review

Jim Hamilton – Poems About the Ocean – apecialthing Records – Review

Dave Williamson – Thicker Than Water – Stand Up! Records – Review

Chad Daniels – You re The Best – Stand Up! Records – Review

John Mulaney – New In Town – Comedy Central Records – Review

Saleem – How Dare You – Independent Release  Review

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