There is no Father Guido Sarducci CD (aka Don Novello). You can always google vintage stand-up comedy and land on a site that includes Breakfast In Heaven, one of the better Father Guido Sarducci efforts. If you are a hard core Don Novello fan, you will recognize some of the jokes from other albums but Breakfast In Heaven is fun to listen to.

The title track, Breakfast In Heaven, is the strongest on this album. Here, Father Guido Sarducci tells his audience what to expect in the afterlife. He borrows one joke from George Carlin (who himself may have borrowed it from someone else) in that once you get to heaven you get all the stuff you lost back. His idea of heaven includes giant sized breakfast items, a long delay before getting your appointment with God (you and 10,000 other people), and

This comedy album was recorded at the University of Notre Dame. Father Guido Sarducci opens with a misinformed history of the university. In a bit close to what he does on Live at St. Douglas Convent, Novello does a bit on the history of zippidee doo dah. A better bit is the one on birthday cakes and how you should start out with 78 candles and remove one from the cake every year.

Recorded during Ronald Reagan’s first term as President, Breakfast in Heaven pokes a bit of fun at Reagan and makes reference to the Contra situation in South America. Another bit has to do with the 500th anniversary of Columbus discovering America. This stand-up material is a bit dated.

Father Guido Sarducci Breakfast in Heaven closes with a few questions from the audience and an odd Beatles medley.Until some vintage comedy label releases a Father Guido Sarducci CD, you will have to be a bit clever and search for vintage stand-up comedy (nudge nudge wink wink).

Breakfast In Heaven
Father Guido Sarducci (Don Novello)
Stand-up comedy
Warner Brothers 1986

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