Fraser Young has a rapid delivery and a bit of an odd speaking voice. This does not get in the way of enjoying Food, Medecine, and a Surprising Amount of Math. Young covers a lot of ground during this solid set and a lot of that ground has pretty much been unexplored by most comics. This release is on the Comedy Records label which features some really good Canadian comics.

The opening bit, Exact Change, establishes this comic has a rather quirky view on things. This is confirmed when he segues to the dangers of shopping at discount grocery stores. Other topics of note are being taken care of by a student doctor, misleading apartment for rent ads, the insurance value of various body parts, the habits of Peruvian moths, the rules or only rule about spoiled meat, misspelled and adult website names, to name a few.

Young usually only does a couple of minutes on each topic but he does close with a longer bit about writing an article about the first kiss.

This comedy MP3 only album is lots of fun and bears repeated listenings.

Food, Medecine, and a Surprising Amount of Math
Fraser Young
available at: Comedy Records 2014

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