Born on 9/11 is an interesting stand-up comedy download by Canadian comic Salma Hindy. If you are looking for stand-up with uncommon topics like Halaloween and a different point of view this comedy album will certainly please. It is also a refreshing change from the white guy comedy album.

A lot of Born on 9/11 is centered on Salma Hindy’s identity as a Muslim. For example, there are a couple of routines about her hijab including one about when she took it off as an experiment.

Hindy’s dating experience stories include the blind dates her father sets up and goes on with her, dating on Tinder and Binder, being ghosted, and going on a date with a drug dealer. There’s lots of comic fodder there and this stand-up comic really knows how to maximize the laughs. By the way, if you’ve ever wondered how polygamy works, Hindi has a great routine on the roles of the wives from number one to number four.

Another of the many original topics is the closer on Zoom weddings.

I rarely give comics advice but…. One thing I would highly recommend to Salma Hindy is to modulate her voice. It is grating for the listener when the comic’s voice goes from confessional or conversational to a very high pitch for no particular reason though it seems to happen more often when she delivers the punch line. I hope this is not a habit she learned from Margaret Cho.

Born on 9/11
Salma Hindy
Stand-up comedy download
Comedy Records 2022

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