It’s not because Hunter Collins Goes to Hell shares an album title with Alice Cooper that I think this stand-up comedy album is excellent. What stands out in this Comedy Records release is how elegantly written and structured the show is.

The weird for weird’s sake pre-recorded audio montage introduction does a great disservice to this album. It just not does not go with the solid material that follows it. The show begins with a very smart bit on David Attenborough and BBC nature documentaries. I challenge anyone who hears this track to watch another such documentary without thinking of Hunter Collins’ funny and accurate take on this topic.

Hunter Collins is an observational comic. His topics include the TV show Hannibal and its built it irony, microdosing, McDonald’s cultural appropriation of Irish culture, and homophobia in Reno. The latter segues nicely into a smart segment on religions.

I really appreciated the long movie related section. This includes a routine on phrases you wish you could borrow from action movies, a particularly annoying movie audience member, and movie theatre hot dogs and the mustard dispenser.

Beware of the Clean Material section on Hunter Collins Goes to Hell. Though very funny it is anything but.

For some bizarre reason, this Canadian stand-up comic ends a solid and smart show with a very lame joke about the size of his dick. It really takes away from what is an excellent stand-up comedy album.

This Canadian stand-up comedy download ends with a pre-recorded eponymous closing track. It is to me as unimpressive as the introductory montage.

Hunter Collins Goes to Hell from the impressive Comedy Records label is an album that bears repeated listenings.

Goes to Hell
Hunter Collins
Stand-up comedy album
Comedy Records 2022

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