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The Life and Times of Tim Season 1
Created by Steve Dildarian
2 DVD 10 Episodes
Aired HBO 2008
Warner Home Entertainment 2010

The Life and Times of Tim is a rather lame HBO animated program. The Season One 2 DVD set features 10 programs and each program features two 12-minute episodes. The animation is obviously low budget but you get used to it and it is on the original and interesting side. This is an adult audience and more accurately frat house and teen boy oriented cartoon.

The problem with The Life and Times of Tim which HBO renewed for 2010 is each episode is a one or two joke premise stretched into a 12-minute animated sketch. Even Saturday Night Live does not milk a joke for that long. The rather flat delivery by voice actors Dildarian (Tim), M.J. Otto (Tim’s girlfriend Amy), and others is clearly part of the concept behind this animated program but the show would need to be funny for that idea to work.

To give you a general idea, the first episode in the first program has Amy and her parents coming back from vacation and finding Tim with a hooker. She ends up staying for supper until her pimp gets paid. Another episode has Tim fondling Amy’s grandmother at Amy’s sister’s wedding.

Another show has Tim taking his superintendent’s daughter to work to show her corporate America is better than cleaning toilets. Granted, a great premise, but Dildarian fails to bring it home.

Other episodes on The Life and Times of Tim Season One usually feature Tim being talked into something and getting the short end of the stick and being embarrassed. Sometimes he tries to do something nice and it backfires.


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