People who watched TV in the seventies will certainly remember the funny sitcom Chico and the Man with Freddie Prinze (father, of course, of Freddie Prinze jr the star of such movies as I Know What You Did Last Summer, She’s All That, and Wing Commander) and Jack Albertson. Similar to Sanford and Son, Chico and the Man, which aired on NBC was a funny comedy featuring the first Mexican-American star on prime time TV. Until his death in 1977, Freddie Prinze was considered a star. Looking Good is his only stand-up comedy CD.

Looking Good, his comedy cd, is also one of the catch phrases he used on Chico and the Man. Although this comedy cd does have a few funny jokes and funny stories such as Survival and Washington Heights, it is perhaps best suited for serious comedy collectors. The material has not aged that well and the recording is not up to modern standards (or even standards of the time). The sound is good but the volume increases and decreases so much it becomes annoying to listen to.

The other problem with Freddie Prinze’s Looking Good is there are too many short funny skits but not enough substance. It is a first comedy cd by a rising star and not by an established stand up comic. There are funny jokes and Hunga Rican is a very funny story, could have been a classic really had Prinze not ended his life, but not enough over all and not segued enough to make the whole package interesting. Fans of Latino comedy and Paul Rodriguez will enjoy this comedy more than others.

Looking Good
Freddie Prinze
Stand-up comedy CD

Track list:
1- Huga Rican
2- Washington Heights
3- Survival
4- Hangin’ With Nat
5- We’re All The Same
6- Three Cities
7- Crime
8- Pablo’s Bar
9- The Lies
10- They Never Tell It Like It Is


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