Willie Barcena’s one hour Showtime special and stand-up comedy DVD I Gotta Be Honest is excellent.

Barcena immediately sets the tone with a solid bit about living to 85 or 100 and the laughs don’t stop after that. The material on I Gotta Be Honest ranges from G to mostly R and sometimes Barcena goes from one extreme to the other in a second. Not many comics can get away with this constantly but this stand-up has the chops to do it.

One of the best moments, and the second longest routine on this DVD is on religion. The sections about going to a Black Baptist church, the second coming, and pictures of Jesus are particularly good.

Also very solid is the last half or so of the show on marriage and counseling. Relationship comedy is a dime a dozen but there is not a lot of it dealing with dating your wife again and Barcena really knows how to tell a good, long story. This ends with funny as hell segment on what men and women like in the bedroom.

There are only a couple of very weak jokes in this comedy special. One is when Barcena shows what it would be like if Catholics went door to door like the Jehovahs. It is a promising premise but he doesn’t do anything with it. But two or so bad minutes in a sixty minute special is really no big deal.

Willie Barcena I Gotta Be Honest is a stand-up comedy DVD any adult can really enjoy.

I Gotta Be Honest
Willie Barcena
Stand-up Comedy DVD
LOL Comedy 2013



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