The centerpiece of My Little Town, a Garrison Keillor Stories From Lake Wobegon CD collection is My Little Town volume 3 where a montage of various News segments on A Prairie Home Companion tell the story of how Pastor Inqvist and his family left Lake Wobegon and were replaced by the younger and more liberal Pastor Liz.

The other two CD in this collection contain 11 News From Lake Wobegon stories performed between 2007 and 2010 –to the best of my knowledge.  Some are quite good, one is just a long fart joke.

My Little Town, Vol. 1 mp3 download  features Tundra Swans, a story about a swan who decides to hang around Lake Wobegon for a while. Crazy Love is an 8-minute segment about a road worker who used to be Marilyn’s beau. Arabian Nights features a local who gets cabin fever and flies to L.A. Other stories include a fishing tale, a segment about chickadee stew, and the story of a woman whose late husband is haunting her.  Lake Wobegon fans will recognize that last story as having been told as part of another yarn.

My Little Town, Vol. 2 mp3 download includes Lenore the Libertarian, the story of a math teacher new to Lake Wobegon whose values are a bit different from those of most Wobegonians. It is unfortunate she does not show up again. Also very good is The Trip to San Jose, the wrong San Jose, taken by Darryl and Marilyn Tollerud. The other tracks are the long fart joke “Bad Pizza” and a couple of rambling stories involving one of Darlene’s potential beaus and the story of bowling ball hail.

If you are a fan of Garrison Keillor‘s early years of A Prairie Home Companion stories you are going to be a bit disappointed with this one. Those who have stayed the course will enjoy this 3 CD set but acknowledge some tales are banal.  Click here for everything Prairie Home Companion

My Little Town
Stories From Lake Wobegon
Garrison Keillor
3 CD set
HighBridge Audio 2011

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