A Prairie Home Companion Annual Farewell Performance is a 2 CD set recorded in L.A. in 1989. It features early elements of Garrison Keillor’s radio show such as Buster the Show Dog, the always fun to listen to News From Lake Wobegon, perennial favorite guests Robin and Linda Williams, and, of course, Richard Dworsky on music and Tom Keith on sound effects.

The News From Lake Wobegon on this Prairie Home Companion CD set is split into two segments. It features an early version of Bruno the Fishing Dog and we’ve all heard that tale many, many times. Fortunately, this 40 some minute news segment features a story about a pink ’57 Olds and a good, longer story on discord in the Inqvist home. Both are tales Keillor has not repeated since.

Other skits in the 3rd Annual Farewell Performance features a decent enough Buster the Show Dog skit and a very good Fat sketch. The Great Moment in History sketch highlights Tom Keith’s sound effects talents and include the Chicago Fire and Pickett’s Charge.

I always enjoy the comic musical talents of Mavis and Marvin Smiley (aka Robin and Linda Williams) and they close CD 1 of this Prairie Home Companion show.

CD 2 includes the closing segment of News From Lake Wobegon, a great sing-along based on the traditional Tell Me Why where Keillor changes the lyrics to make an interesting story: nobody controls an audience like Garrison Keillor.

Robin and Linda Williams play Don’t Let Me Come Home a Stranger, and Butch Thompson plays a very rare bad composition. Long time fans of the show will recognize Reaching Out as what became the Ketchup commercial tune.

I enjoy this 3rd Annual Farewell Performance but it is not quite my personal favorite of the 4 such shows Garrison Keillor did.

A Prairie Home Companion 3rd Annual Farewell Performance
Garrison Keillor, Robin and Linda Williams
2 CDs 2 1/2 Hours

Table of Contents Hello Love, Westbound Passenger Train, Powdermilk Biscuits, A Solas, Fat, Buster the Show Dog, News From Lake Wobegon (Part One), Gospel Medley, History, Mavis & Marvin Smiley Tell Me Why, Ecuadorian Memories, Reaching Out, Don’t Let Me Come Home a Stranger, News from Lake Wogebon (Part Two), News from Lake Wobegon (Part Two, continued), You Don’t Knock, Ezekiel, Wobegon Finale


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