Forgetting Sarah Marshall
3 Disc Collector?s Edition
Jason Segel, Kirsten Bell, Mila Kunis
Directed by Nicholas Stoller
Universal 2008
111 or 118 minutes and 90 minutes of extra features

Fans of Judd Apatow’s 40-Year-Old-Virgin and Knocked Up will enjoy Forgetting Sarah Marshall. Even if you did not see or enjoy either, This is a pretty good, adult oriented comedy. Forgetting Sarah Marshall The Collector’s Edition features 3 DVDs: one with the theatrical and the unrated versions of this comedy (which, as stated on screen, may not play on some DVD players), a DVD with 90 minutes of extra features, and a digital copy disc.

Forgetting Sarah Marshall is a strange comedy. It sets itself up as the typical lowest common denominator crude farce Hollywood is infamous for, but it is usually an intelligent and subtle comedy that doesn’t go for cheap laughs. When it does go for cheap laughs, such as the scene where rock star Aldous is educating a young married man on the finer points of intercourse, it doesn’t wear the joke thin.

Peter (Jason Segel) is having a hard time getting over being dumped by TV star Sarah Marshall (Kirsten Bell). He hopes a trip to Hawaii will help him forget but he ends up staying at the same hotel as Sarah and her new rock star boyfriend. He is befriended by Rachel (the lovely Mila Kunis), the hotel receptionist. Hawaii is a small island so everybody runs into everybody else and a few island stereotypes.

Forgetting Sarah Marshall is a bit on the long side. There are a few too many clips from Crime Scene, Sarah Marshall ‘s TV show with the annoying Billy Baldwin, and the main story itself could have moved a bit faster. On the other hand, this is a fun, original comedy so what the hell.

The R rating for this movie is because of a couple of brief moments of nudity. Only in America.

The Forgetting Sarah Marshall 90-minute Bonus Features DVD includes more deleted/extended scenes, Dracula’s Lament, Puppet Break-up, Sex-o-rama, drunk-o-rama, Russell Brand: Aldous Snow, The Letter U, Crime Scene clips, Sarah’s New Show Alts, raw footage of Aldous and Peter in the hotel lobby, video diaries, audition clips, and an uncensored interview with the cast. All useless but fun stuff.


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