Garrison Keillor had no idea the Prairie Home Companion Final Performance would become an annual affair for the next three years. This 2 Lake Wobegon CD set features the entire first final performance from 1987 including the audience greetings and various musical moments and skits that made and still make A Prairie Home Companion such fun to listen to. You are much better off buying the download version of this Lake Wobegon CD collection using the links below as the CDs are overpriced.

There is a lot of melancholic music on this Prairie Home Companion CD set including Love’s Old Sweet Song, The Storms Are On The Ocean, I’ll See You In My Dreams -a great instrumental by Chet Atkins, and the Irish Eriskay Love Lilt performed by Jean Redpath. There is also Hawaiian music performed by the Kamehameha Schools Concert Glee Club, and a couple of patriotic numbers including the very, very bizarre Stars and Stripes Forever sung by Vern Sutton.

Skits include Buster the Show Dog, the Sons of Knute Fishing March a really good fishing skit on CD 2 of this Prairie Home Companion compilation, and what was to be the last News From Lake Wobegon about the a long rainy day that allows Keillor to catch up with most Lake Wobegon residents.

The story is Garrison Keillor was moving to Denmark where he believed he had found love. As later Prairie Home Companion shows would reveal this did not work out very well. Although Keillor never revealed the entire story, he alludes to the dangers of basing a relationship purely on passion in later News From Lake Wobegon segments.

Of the Final Performance CD sets available, this one is not really the best. Personally I prefer the 2nd or 4th Annual Farewell Performance sets.

A Prairie Home Companion Final Performance
Garrison Keillor
St. Paul, Minnesota June 13th, 1987
2 CDs 2 1/2 Hours
Highbridge Audio 2008

A Prairie Home Companion Farewell Performance Table of Contents

A Prairie Home Companion Final Performance, Vol. 1 mp3 download: Hello Love; Loves Old Sweet Song; Garrison Talks of Leaving; Tell Me Why; Jitterbug Waltz; The Storms Are on the Ocean; Powdermilk Biscuit Spot; How Can I Keep from Singing?; Songs of Parting; Greetings; Roy Blount Poem; I’ll See You In My Dreams; Brownie & Pete; Spring Poem; Crow River Waltz; Buster the Show Dog; Oh Susanna; America The Beautiful; Adventures in Paradise; Aloha Oe; Intermission Medley;

A Prairie Home Companion Final Performance, Vol. 2 mp3 download: Stars & Stripes Forever; Put On Your Old Grey Bonnet; Meet Me In St. Louis; The Sons of Knute Fishing March; News From Lake Wobegon; Sleepwalk, Eskray Love Lilt; Til Then; The Minstrel Show; Hawaii Aloha; Fool Such As I; One More Spring; Till We Meet Again; Songs of the Exiles

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